Volunteers – we’re always keen to have new volunteers join our team, either as an organiser or to assist on the day.

On the day we have roles for Session Hosts (see bottom of this page for info) and Registration/Information Desk helpers and runners.

If you are interested in volunteering please fill in the following form.


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Session Host 

As a Session Host, your role is to ensure everything runs smoothly for your Session Facilitator. We’ve outlined below the suggested tasks:

Before the session

  • Meet and introduce yourself to your session facilitator.
  • Check how they would like to be introduced, session timings and agree/discuss feedback process.
  • Find and ensure that the allotted room is set up as required.
  • Collect session facilitator gift.


Sessions are usually 90 minutes comprising:

  • Welcome/introduction – 5 minutes
  • Facilitated session – 75 minutes
  • Feedback discussion and gift presentation – 10 minutes.


Please keep to time. Assist the session facilitator by timing the session and prompt them when they have 15 minutes to go (or at intervals agreed with your session facilitator).

Feedback session/gift presentation

Our session facilitators are not paid – instead we offer them an opportunity to test out their ideas and provide them with appropriate feedback. It’s important that you are comfortable about leading the feedback discussion. We aim to allow 15 minutes at the end of the session to enable this to occur. Your role is to set the scene by asking participants to reflect on what the session facilitator did well – what did they learn/enjoy. Encourage participants to provide insight about how they felt and suggestions or ideas that might help the session facilitator if they were to run this session again. Capture some of the main ideas on the flipchart/whiteboard.

End the session by thanking the session facilitator and presenting the gift.