Facilitation is about allowing people to be heard and creating a safe, common ground for this to occur. At Facilitation One Day Wonder (FODW) our workshop sessions offer a wide range of opportunities to learn from the experiences and approaches from different facilitators.

Feedback from participants who attended FODW in 2017 may help you understand how FODW works.

The learnings:

‘Slow down. Sit with the paradox. Listen not solve/resolve. Listening is Generative’

‘Facilitation makes other processes work, e.g. evaluation’

What participants loved about the day:

‘There was great diversity in the type of people here, a great melting pot of people to learn with’

‘The chance to hear from the wisdom of others’


We’ll be back with Sunday Wonder on 17 June 2018 – visit our events page for details. Registrations open later this month

Your FODW organising committee Abby, Noel, Paul and Simone