FODW 2018 – Facilitated, Interactive and Engaging

We’re jumping for joy over this year’s program. At Facilitation One Day Wonder (FODW) our workshop sessions offer a wide range of opportunities to learn from the experiences and approaches of different facilitators.

We look forward to seeing you at FODW on 12 September 2018 at the Abbotsford Convent

The day commences at 8.30am with workshop registrations and formal welcome at 9am (day ends 4.30pm)

Buy your tickets now $140 for waged, $90 for concession card holders
(email us for information on half price volunteer tickets)

Here’s a preview of what’s on offer!

Why community engagement is a lot like dating! Drawing on studies into human behaviour, Cindy Plowman will provide an entertaining and educative workshop on how community engagement practitioners can easily build rapport with their communities.

Being open to being closed with Peter Rennie – a session that explores many of the factors that manacle our minds and deepen our understanding of how to become more open and help others to do likewise.

Conscious Communication through Shared Movement with Samantha Wittenberg and Andrew Cowell – this session will explore experiential movement-based warmup exercises, supported by inquiry-based facilitation to increase mindfulness.

Innovation and Complexity – a Brief Introduction to the Cynefin Framework with Laurel Sutton and Ian Smith. This workshop will explore the notion of working with complexity, using tools and methods which can contribute to innovate thinking and action.

People Sized Boardgame with Holly Hammond and India Prior – In this session you’ll experience an activity that is energising, empowering, group-building and rich with practical lessons. Perfect for that afternoon session when energy is starting to flag.

A Taste of Agile for Facilitators with Daniel Prager – This session offers an interactive and fast-paced introduction to Agile for Facilitators. Agile approaches emphasise collaboration, equipping individuals and organisations explore ways of coping with the demands of an increasingly complex and competitive environment.

There will also be sessions from Simone Maus, Paul Micallef and Sebastian Flynn. Find out more about our program through this link.

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AND if you’re interested in facilitating a workshop on the day, please email us with details of your offer along with a short bio, to  attention Simone Maus. It is important that we receive your offer ASAP.


Your FODW organising committee Abby, Noel, Paul and Simone