Cracking Facilitation Gathering 2024

Cracking Facilitation Gathering 2024

This year FODW, AFN and IAF are combining to run a two-day facilitation experience showcasing a range of cracking facilitation offers that will build on the following themes:

great e.g. that was a cracking session, cracking-into e.g. breaking into facilitation, cracking-open e.g. conundrums and wicked problems, crack up, funny. Humour is welcome!

This professional development event offers fantastic peer support and opportunities to build new connections for experienced and emerging facilitators.

Facilitation is about helping groups of people work well together. Find out more about this years event and how you can participate as a lead facilitator

The Facilitation One Day Wonder – FODW – is recognised as the best community-based professional development opportunity for facilitators in Victoria. FODW functions as a non-profit effort, run by volunteers. It started back in 2007 with the initiative and vision of the event innovators Kimbra White, Martin Butcher and Ed McKinley. These three fine people saw the event as an extension of the activities of the Victorian Facilitators Network (VFN), which is in turn an extension of the Australian Facilitators Network (AFN).

We like innovation and experimenting. After all, the culture around us is continually evolving. Our goal is to notice and adapt to this and share this knowledge with those who work regularly with groups of people in this modern world. Facilitation can sometimes be a lonely profession. FODW provides a place for making or refreshing community connections – having some fun and socialising are always part of the mix that make up our agendas.

We’d welcome your participation! And if you’re already a follower…..spread the word!