Facilitation One Day Wonder Program

Facilitation One Day Wonder Program

If you enjoyed FODW in the past, or heard about this one day opportunity to grow your facilitation practice, why not join us in 2023?

Wednesday 13 September 2023, Abbotsford Convent    8:30 am Registration

Here’s a taster of what’s on offer: Jacinta Cubis will encourage reflection in a session titled ‘Let’s talk about the value of facilitation’. Nicola Mendleson and Desley Renton will draw on their experience to help facilitators understand how to recognise and respond appropriately to a trigger event – stimulus that causes a painful memory to resurface. Sociodramatist Cissy Rock offers a session titled ‘The Spontaneous Facilitator’ and Monique de Zoete’s session ‘Replenishing our watering hole’  will introduce values based art making and sharing as a medium for cultural change.

9:00 am Workshop welcome and check in    9:20 am Move to Session One Locations

Session One 

9:30 am

(90 mins)

Dave Hall
Facilitating Fun
Bishop’s Parlour
Jacinta Cubis
Let’s talk about the value of facilitation
Community Room
Steve Ray and Henry Fowkes
The Art of Holding Space – an experiential exploration of the inner and outer worlds of a “being” facilitator
Linen Room
11:00 am Morning Tea Break    11:20 am Move to Session Two Locations
Session Two

11:30 am 

(90 mins)

Cissy Rock
The Spontaneous Facilitator
Bishop’s Parlour
Monique de Zoete
Replenishing our watering hole
Community Room
Nicola Mendleson and Desley Renton
Trigger  Events  – What  is our role and responsibility as a Facilitator?
Linen Room
1:00 pm Lunch Break   1:50 pm  Move to Session Three Locations
Session Three

2:00 pm

(90 mins)

Sophia Leone
“Who’s The Guru?”- A Playful Exploration of Finding Equanimity in Facilitation

Bishop’s Parlour 
Martin Butcher and Annie Moreillon
Passion in the Sails, Logic at the Tiller
Community Room
Laurel Freeland
You matter more than you think

Linen Room

3:30 pm Evaluation/Summary              4:00 pm  Networking               4:30 pm Close

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One great venue. Abbotsford Convent

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