Awesome, Awesome, Awesome day

– great workshops, great people & connections

Beautiful setting!

His generosity of spirit..

..amazing energy, and gift of hope for the future

John’s workshop

was a great balance of science and information delivered with grace and authenticity

Thanks to all organisers and presenters. 

It was a great day of learning.  Good visuals.  Engagement.  Creativity.  Good catering too

Fabulous facilitators & volunteers who organised!  Smoooth

Care and love put into the space preparation and organisation.

Great having time between session to meet others and connect.

Stretch out the presenter sessions – shorten the bits in-between.

Thank you! 

I feel like I’ve had a taster of lots of ideas, which I will now explore!

I liked the umbrella visual a lot

I have been at the bottom before and this session was worth the time.

Love the diversity and range of presenters

Workshop idea

Skills for new facilitators – basic of group dynamics – balancing the plan with what actually happens. Co-facilitation

Great people.  Loved it!!!  Such great energy.

Some recycling and better waste management systems please!