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“Building community – Sharing learning”

FODW is organised on a volunteer basis as a not for profit effort. There is no payment for offering to facilitate a session – rather we offer genuine, facilitated feedback as part of the FODW process, and participation in an energetic day of learning and personal development.

Thanks for your interest in being a Lead Facilitator at FODW 2017. In the best tradition of an inclusive and self-organising group, your proposals will shape the final themes for FODW 2017.

Past participants and those who attended Sunday Wonder earlier in the year have given us lots of ideas for topics to cover. Check out some of the things of interest to our facilitator network (below).

Which stage of the facilitation journey does your proposal match? We’re keen to group offers at FODW 2017 along a continuum of  ‘starting’, ‘delivering’ and ‘reviewing’.


There are 12 sessions facilitated on the day i.e.  sessions concurrently in 3 session times through the day. FODW sessions are:

We can support your session by assisting with room setup and some materials (butchers paper, markers, whiteboard etc.,.) Bring your own technology if needed (laptop, data projector, speakers, music). We encourage human interaction and improvisation, rather than technology, in the content of facilitated sessions. We don’t see them as being mutually exclusive though!