Session Facilitator’s Guide

Session Facilitator’s Guide

FODW 2022 – Showcase your ideas with the facilitation community

This guide details what you need to know!

In the best tradition of an inclusive and self-organising group, and with a focus on Global Sustainability your proposals will shape FODW 2022 and help others Reconnect, Re-Energise and Reunite!

FODW sessions are:

  • Facilitated, interactive and engaging. FODW participants do not expect to see presentations. Be sure to demonstrate how your session will be interactive rather than informative. Simply saying it will be interactive won’t satisfy our appetite, describe it to us.
  • 90 minutes long and attended by approximately 20 participants – note the room allows space to move. Allow 5 minutes for a FODW host to introduce you and 10 minutes for the host to facilitate feedback at the end of your session. 
  • Not promotional opportunities, but you are welcome to have promotional material on display and/or available for attendees to choose to take away.     

The Basics: Wednesday 14 September 2022, Abbotsford Convent, (8.30am for 9am start. Session ends 4.00pm) We will support your session by assisting with room setup and some materials (butchers paper, markers, whiteboard etc…). Please let us know what you require. Bring your own technology if needed (laptop, data projector, speakers, music).       

About FODW

The purpose of the Facilitation One Day Wonder is to gather our community to share and learn together. FODW is organised on a volunteer basis, for and by the Victorian Facilitators Network and is a not-for-profit effort. There is no payment for facilitating a session – rather we offer genuine, facilitated feedback as part of the FODW session format. In the last 10 minutes of each session we will be asking for feedback from the participants. Session facilitators are offered a half price registration discount and are invited to attend sessions outside of theirs and participate in the day.

Don’t forget to sign up and pay for your ticket!

Thanks for your offer Simone Maus, Noel Gately and Steven McInnes – your FODW organising community